Book Online

National Airways, The Leading private Ethiopian carrier, offering Passenger & cargo air transportation services, has launch an automated booking system for all its direct scheduled flight bookings through the airline’s new website website NationalAirways.com.

Travelers will now be able to book their flight , access reservations info of flights and submit passengers information, pay online and find their reservation status all online.

The carrier’s online reservation system is capable of integrating with all the major GDS’. This allows us offer unique benefits in form of Interline and codeshare agreements to our airline customers.

“The booking platform has two portals, one for the general public and one for preferred tour operators, which allows National Airways to track revenue by tour operators and allows operators to manage inventory for its schedule flights in Ethiopia and East Africa .

we are pleased to have made the move and now look forward to enhancing the customer experience, CEO Captain Abera Lemi